Appium inspector download for windows

appium inspector download for windows

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How to install Appium for Mobile Automation on windows -- Ganesh Jadhav
Just install Appium Desktop, then after starting the server, click the magnifying glass icon. That will open a launch window for Appium. A GUI inspector for mobile apps and more, powered by a (separately installed) Appium server - Releases � appium/appium-inspector. Appium-Inspector-windows-. To download, go to In the Appium Inspector window, on the Desired Capabilities tab, add the.
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First, you would need to start the Appium Server. So simply be aware that if you get any messages to the effect that your capabilities lack a vendor prefix, this is how you solve that problem. In the past, to get updates to your iOS or Android drivers, you'd simply wait for those updates to be rolled into a new release of Appium, and then update your Appium version.